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Fencing Contractor having undertaken many residential projects comprising of various fencing styles.

Fencing Gallery

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Featheredge on Oak Frame
Oak Framed Featheredge Fence at property in Coverack.
Oak Picket Fence
Custom Oak Picket Fence at property in Cadgwith.
Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards
Featheredge Fence using Concrete Posts & Concrete Gravel Boards
Rustic Hazel Framed Hurdles
Hand-built custom Oak Framed Hazel Fence Panels mounted on durable Oak Posts.
Tiered Picket
Two Level Picket Fence in treated timber.
Brick Edging
Brick Lawn Edging around entire lawn area in Helston.
In-Built Fence Frame in Oak
Sturdy Oak Frame for Featheredge Fence in Germoe
New Lawn Design with Brick Edging
Brick Edging with Gravel Area.
Small Garden Gate
Small Garden Gate & Fencing
Horizontal Hit & Miss
Hit & Miss Fence on Oak Posts with small matching Vertical Hit & Miss Gate.
Post & Rail Fence
Post & Rail Stock Fencing.
Turfing & Gravel Area
Lawn Design & Gravel Area with Brick Edging
10' Farm Style Gate
Farm Style Gate attached to Featheredge Fence with Four-Way Weathered Posts in Coverack.
Landscaping Garden
Landscaping, Lawn & French Drain in Helston.
Picket & Farm Gate
Fence & Farm Gate at property in Cornwall
Small Farm Style Gate
Farm Style Gate attached to Picket Fence.
Post & Rail
Post & Rail closely following Cornish Hedge in Mawgan.
Oak Picket Fence on Slope
Custom built Oak Picket fence on steep gradient in Cadgwith.
6' Horizontal Hit & Miss
Horizontal Hit & Miss fence to act as wind break.
Picket joining Post & Rail
Post & Rail Fence joining Picket Fence.
Small farm Gate
Tiered Picket Fence with Small Farm Gate
Animal Fencing
Fencing to secure Dog at property in Mawgan.
Featheredge Fence on Block Wall
Featheredge Fence Mounted on Block Wall.
Horizontal Hit & Miss on Cornish Hedge
Low Horizontal Hit & Miss Fence built on a Cornish Hedge.
Half Round Rails on Square Posts
Post & Rail Fence with Chicken Wire.
Fence Frame
Sturdy Fence Frame attached to Small Farm Style Gate.
Oak Featheredge
Custom Oak Featheredge Boards to fill gaps on existing Oak fence
Removing Turf
Removing Turf with Turf Cutter in preparation for a new Lawn.
Post & Rail with Wire
Post & Rail with Netting and Gravel Board to secure Dog at property in Mawgan.
Hazel Hurdle & Rose Arch
Custom built Oak Gate, Hazel Rose Arch, and Oak Framed Hazel Hurdles in Cadgwith.
Landscaping & Gravel Path
Decorative Brick Edging dividing Lawn & Gravel Path.
Concrete Posts with Featheredge
1800 Featheredge Fence on Concrete Posts with Concrete 150 Gravel Boards
Diamond Trellis
Diamond Trellis mounted on to concrete wall
Custom Oak Gate
Custom Made Oak Gate mounted on Weathered Oak Posts
Oak Gravel Boards
Oak Framed Featheredge Fence with Oak Gravel Boards.
Half Round Rails
Low boundary fence using square weathered posts and half round rails.
Trellis Top Panels
3ft Lap Panels with Trellis Top installed on Block Paved Driveway in Helston
Featheredge Concrete Posts
Featheredge with Concrete Posts / Gravel Boards & Capping.
Square Posts & Half Round Rails
Half Round Rails on Square Weathered Posts
Laying Turf
Laying new Turf in Porthleven
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Trellis Top Panels

3ft Lap Panels with Trellis Top installed on Block Paved Driveway in Helston